Cult of the SuperParent

I love mothering. It is rewarding on a thousand different levels – some great and some small. Being a good mother is extremely important to me. Offering my child unlimited opportunities and making sure she grows up healthy, happy, and stimulated are crucial. All that said, sometimes I think I take parenting a little too seriously. I … Continue reading

Lunch, unprocessed style

This was today’s lunch for my toddler. In the spirit of less processing, we had oranges, whole wheat toast made by Great Harvest here in Charlotte, and homemade lasagna soup (recipe courtesy of my SIL/Pinterest).

Adventures in kale

I never ate greens until my MIL made some collard greens that I thought were spectacular (back in the day when I met my husband/we started dating circa 1997). Despite finding that I enjoyed them, I had not made a foray into them myself – as far as cooking goes. While at Trader Joe’s, purchasing … Continue reading

Apple and fennel salad. Who knew?

Growing up in my house, salad was limp, light green iceberg lettuce, “croutons” made from toasted white bread, maybe some shredded carrots, and Ranch dressing. I wasn’t introduced to real salads until a few years ago. At that time, I began to realize that salads could be something much sexier than my childhood bowl of … Continue reading

Food revolution

Being diagnosed with gestational diabetes came as quite a shock. I never expected to hear that news from my obstetrician. The even worse news  that followed was that gestational diabetes makes me EXTREMELY likely to become a type II diabetic in the 10 years post-partum. It also puts my daughter at a higher risk for … Continue reading

Tonight’s meal

I learned a lot about preservatives tonight. My goal was to cook a simple meal from whole ingredients. On the menu: whole wheat pasta with mushroom, parmesan, cream, and white wine sauce, grilled asparagus, and a side salad of romaine tossed with apples, raisins, parmesan, and pecans dressed with a homemade oil and vinegar dressing. … Continue reading

My first project

I found a great site called Instructables. It is a website with instructions for doing just about anything – including sewing projects. The little wristlet below will be my first simple project. I already have the fabric picked out, and I’m ready to go. Now I just have to wait for the Smooshie to go to … Continue reading